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8th, November, 2022

How to use NextAuth in Next.js?

Next.js is a blessing for many React.js developers as it made developing the front-end much of a convenience than before, and many have even gone full-stack because of it. And the main reason here is that Next.js comes packed with many tools and APIs that do a lot of heavy-lifting. One such feature...


8th, November, 2022

How to use Magic Link in Next.js?

Next.js, with its advanced features like page-base routing methods, support for Hot Module Development and auto code splitting, has revolutionised front-end development, thus making React.js, its parent programming language a popular technology. And then it brings Magic feature to the market. ‘Magi...


8th, November, 2022

How to use Prisma ORM in Next.js?

The world of databases not only has security in the core of its existence, but also being user-friendly and intuitive to operate. Thankfully, almost all database technologies, SQL-based or otherwise fulfil this promise. However, the ever-expanding scope of development technologies creates a need to...


8th, November, 2022

What is ESM, and How to use them in Next.js?

ESM simply means 'EcmaScript Module'. For those who missed the initiation ritual in Vanilla JavaScript, EcmaScript simply means the set of rules coupled with the syntax that make up JavaScript. JavaScript, on the other hand, has progressed so drastically, that it's descendants are hardly relatable....


8th, November, 2022

How to use Supabase in Next.js?

Next.js is very recent, and yet has come up with so many interesting and exciting features to make your lives easier as developers! Supabase is the new kid on the block, an alternative to Firebase which is worth considering, because it provides almost all the features that you will find in Firebase,...


8th, November, 2022

How to use PlanetScaleDB & Prisma ORM in Next.js?

Next.js is an awesome way to develop the front-end for your React.js based applications. Next.js brings with it a number of very handy and easy-to-use features that enable developers integrate even the most time-consuming functionalities in a jiffy! And again, it has brought something new to the tab...


8th, November, 2022

How to contribute to open-source projects?

Developers study, observe, build, fail and build again. And as it is said, "one isn’t a true developer if they don’t fail and persevere", is only true in part, since you can proactively contribute to various software packages and projects. But why to go the extra mile? There are various open-sour...


8th, November, 2022

The Ultimate Guide to TypeScript: How to Go From Beginner to Pro?

Advanced TypeScript Features, Every Programmer Worth His Salt Should Know. If you’ve already switched to TypeScript, you better not miss these great features too! TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript. Over the years, after working with JS, developers finally got their deliverance when Microsoft c...


8th, November, 2022

What are the new changes in React 18?

The last decade focused on browser technologies that don’t hamper user experience and web performance. React 18 ships out-of-the-box features focused on performance improvements and concurrency. Table of Content: 1. Gradual adoption path for Concurrent React 2. Automatic Batching on React 18 3...