Pratik Kumar

QA Engineer

Hey there, I’m Pratik a dedicated Quality Assurance Engineer at MTechZilla, joined the team in June 2023, I brought with me a strong analytical background and a commitment to excellence.

In my role as a QA Engineer, I thrive on creating comprehensive, detailed test cases. I possess expertise in both automated and manual testing, which allows me to be versatile and effective in various scenarios. While my professional life revolves around the world of tech, I am also an avid traveller, sports enthusiast, and culinary adventurer. My travels have taken me to a multitude of places, broadening my horizons and offering me new perspectives. In terms of sports, I enjoy the thrill and competition of all outdoor games, which also help me maintain my physical fitness and mental agility.

In the ever-evolving tech landscape, I am driven by the excitement of learning new methodologies and tools. I look forward to continuing my journey with MTechZilla, aligning my professional growth with the company's vision of software excellence.